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Re: Anybody virtualizing topo maps??

Beartooth wrote:

Any word etymologically related to 'virtualize' is one more thing I haven't gotten around to looking at yet. I remember once, quite a while back, I had a quick look at VMware, thinking about ways to get my proprietary map software to talk to my GPSs under linux; but something about it turned me off.

Installing & running GPS software under Wine/CXO has gotten way better in the last couple years, but I still can't do the crucial last step, so that I can transfer data back and forth.

So I asked on Gmane's winelist if anyone else had. No claims, though I waited for them; but somebody there says he does it with ease using VMware.

OK, so back to that -- wherever it is : here google, here google ... And the first I look at, dated last month, is


Am I reading this right?? They seem to be saying that IBM now has something called VERDE, true free software, that does VMware's job better than VMware. Pure puffery by marketing droids? Or is there something to it? Has anybody had any experience with it yet??

	If so, are there tricks a/o gotchas to using it with F10??

Unfortunately, that won't buy you anything. It's a virtual client solution for businesses that want to get away from running full-blown desktop PCs in an office.

VMware or VirtualBox are probably your best bets for running WinXP to install you GPS software.

I don't think wine/CXO have the ability to interface at the device level with USB devices. The other 2 products do, but they require a WinXP license and install code.

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