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Re: Network Manager, Firefox and more on FC10

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
>> many experienced Linux users are so accustomed to becoming superuser for
>> every thing that efforts to empower userland and lessen the need to
>> become superuser seem to be of little value to them.
> I don't understand this.
> Surely one didn't normally need to become superuser
> with the old Network service?
> I'm not arguing in favour of the old service,
> which did not work well for me -
> NM works much better (now),
> but personally I wish WiFi came on line before login.

And I'm quite sure you aren't the only one besides me that feels that way.

I'm still waiting on someone to give me a good rational reason why this
change was made.  If I get one that makes sense, then I might shut up
about this, otherwise, to me NM is just re-inventing the wheel to no

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