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Re: Is this problem solvable?

Matthew Flaschen wrote:

> You haven't provided enough info, but I would guess no.  ssh would be
> the typical method for doing this.  Obviously, it is not possible to
> reboot a machine using ping.  So the question is are there any other
> working services you could use (rsh, vnc, X Server)?

Sadly, no.
I assume shorewall is not running,
and the server has reverted to default mode,
which presumably is to allow nothing except ping.

I actually have a double defence (as is normal, I assume) -
I have to add pinholes in the ADSL modem to open ports,
and also have to open ports in shorewall.
Having opened ports on the modem for http, ssh, vnc,  imap and ldap,
I re-started shorewall (I thought that might conceivably be necessary)
and did not observe that shorewall did not restart properly
(as I said).

It's not the end of the world.
Italy without email is bearable.
(Wish it was warmer though.)
But I wondered if any guru had a secret weapon.
Apparently not.

to wake (or shake) my server up remotely.

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