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Re: Python Guru needed

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 4:17 PM, Jim <mickeyboa sbcglobal net> wrote:

I'm trying to set a simple Alarm Clock in FC10 and I have a Python script I
picked up, but I have error, running the script.
Can you explain to me with # comments on each line how to make this work.

import time
import os

not_executed = 1

dt = list(time.localtime(time.time())
hour = dt[3]
minute = dt[4]
if hour == 5 and minute == 45:
os.popen2("open /Users/jun/shout.mp3")
not_executed = 0

I assume you're using this: http://petro.tanrei.ca/2007/02/my-alarm-clock/

You did not copy the whitespace appropriately. Python uses whitespace
to delimit blocks.

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White space WHERE ??
I no nothing about Python

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