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Re: MP3 playback in XMMS

Andras Simon wrote:
> On 1/8/09, Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com> wrote:
>> And why in the world is anyone still using xmms, with it's hideous
>> gtk1 widget set and poor utf-8 support?
> There's also no need to make snide remarks about people who are
> content with what they've been using for years, and not throwing it
> away for some new toy.

Touché.  ;)

I could have worded that a bit better.  Apologies if that came out too

> Call it environment-friendliness, if you will. :-) I for one am using
> software that was dead already when gtk1 came to the scene.

It's not the age that bugs me, it's, well, the bugs.  I used xmms for
a long time, but as I digitized more of my music, I ran into its poor
utf8 support more and more, and I wouldn't say that I have a very
international collection of music.  And then the lack of antialiasing
in gtk1 made xmms stand out as the rest of my desktop grew a bit more

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