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Re: Network Manager, Firefox and more on FC10

David R Wilson wrote:
> The startup screen with the travelling bars near the bottom of the
> screen is a waste of time.  There is a reason I want to see what the box
> is doing, and prefer the FC9 behavior.  With FC9 I could hit a key and
> watch for problems.  I didn't find any documentation on how to change
> that to the FC9 behavior.

Just press ESC.

> Firefox refuses to handle a bad certificate.  That is all well and good,
> until your dealing with a firewall that doesn't have one that is valid.
> I didn't find a way to get beyond the complaint about the certificate.
> I had to grab my laptop with FC9 to deal with that problem.  FC10 made
> doing anything with the https interface impossible.

As others have pointed out, there is a way to do this in Firefox, but you
could also use a browser which makes this much less of a PITA. Konqueror
allows you to allow the certificate for the current session or even forever
in 2 clicks.

        Kevin Kofler

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