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Re: yumex starts without password

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Are you sure you didn't just start yumex or some other program using
> consolehelper before? Consolehelper will remember root authorization for a
> while (as long as you don't log out, and I think there's also a time limit)
> so you don't have to reenter the root password all the time. This can be
> disabled per app in /etc/security/console.apps (remove SESSION=true for the
> apps where you always want a password prompt).
>         Kevin Kofler
Yes, there is a time limit - there is also a way to adjust it. I am
not sure where it is in F10. In F8, there was a badge in the top
toolbar when it was active. You could also click on the badge
disable root access again. (I think you could also adjust the time,
but I do not remember.)


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