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Re: System freeze with ATI

On Tuesday 06 January 2009 21:51:48 Giuseppe Fuggiano wrote:
> 2009/1/6 Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>:
> > I have been running since the pre-beta and haven't had an issue yet, on
> > my Acer "Extensa" using ATI drivers, so you can assume it's not some
> > general defect hitting all ATI laptops. I doubt it promises more than
> > that, however
> Thanks for replying.
> If I use Ubuntu with open source drivers, the same issue occurs.  But
> switching to the proprietary drivers everything works fine, with no
> freeze.  I am unsure to try fglrx in Fedora right now, because I've
> heard that fglrx isn't supported with the current Xorg.
> What video card do you have, exactly?
I have a radeon mobility X600, so very similar to yours, Giuseppe.  This might 


It seems to have completely cured my problems.


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