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Re: MP3 playback in XMMS

On Wed, 7 Jan 2009 21:11:16 -0500, John wrote:

> Thanks... I apologize, but it annoyed me. I looked on RPMFusion's website 
> and they didn't list xmms-mp3, so I assumed there was a hidden repo 
> somewhere. Thanks for clearing that up.

On the main web page, notice the table at the bottom with the title
"Browse available packages". They do list xmms-mp3:


Though, the main web pages are in a Wiki, and some pages are out-of-date
or contain errors. Such as the link to "Information on the various
packages RPM Fusion distributes" (-> http://rpmfusion.org/Package ) near
the top the page. I doubt there are enough human resources to keep a lot
of web pages in good shape - they better concentrate on very few albeit
relevant pages.

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