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Re: Network Manager, Firefox and more on FC10

Tom Horsley wrote:
On Wed, 07 Jan 2009 16:40:07 -0500
Mark Haney wrote:

If I get one that makes sense, then I might shut up
about this, otherwise, to me NM is just re-inventing the wheel to no

It isn't merely reinventing the wheel, it is replacing the wheel with
some utterly incompatible object that sometimes serves a wheel-like
function while not actually working with anything that previously
used wheels without extensive mods to all the former users of wheels.
And, while, they were at it, they also provide absolutely no
documentation about how to use the new wheel-like functionality
then claim anyone who can't get it to work is just a whiner.

I liked this analogy but I feel that Network Manager is just a different type of wheel than a re-invention. It is like comparing a tire for a motorbike to that of a truck. They both roll on the road but do it in different ways.

I have installed F10 on two machines so far. In one case, NM is being used as the machine won't be on a network for 99.9% of the time. The other machine is on a full time network and requires full network access before the login procedure. On this machine, I turned off Network Manager and use the normal network services. It took about 30 seconds.

On a F7 laptop, Network Manager works great. Can go from wired fixed IP address to wireless DHCP address by unplugging the ethernet cable. It is just that easy.

The only problem that I have run into regarding networking is ethernet devices not being activated.

So far I find F10 to be be better than F8 on the same machine other than sound but that is another subject. :)

Robin Laing

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