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Re: kernel update last night overwrote my grub.conf

On Thursday 08 January 2009, Steve wrote:
>---- Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
>> As in cleaned it all out, leaving only 1 of 20 some old entries I had in
>> it.
>> I know a kernel update used to play with the default & fallback entries
>> and would delete 2 versions back, but it left the rest of the file alone
>> so the formatting damage was generally minor to fix.  Having it delete 20
>> some entries that I'll have to re-create if I want to test something
>> against an older kernel is uncalled for.
>> Also, a recent ntp update removed /etc/rc3.d/S58ntpd, another bad show,
>> and explains why I don't see anything from ntpd in my logs till I started
>> it by hand after a reboot.
>Thank God for backups, eh?

Yes.  Amanda to the rescue. :)  And not the badly bent rpm versions, the real 
thing.  Or in this case, a simple cp for the ntpd starter.

And while the fscked up grub.conf was a surprise, its not as if I was a newbee 
and can't fix it.  But I detest having to do it, its a sloppy upgrade script 
that did it, so I think I'll make it immutable till the next time _I_ want to 
edit it.

>Sorry.. couldn't resist.

Neither could I. :)


Cheers, Gene
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