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Re: Media Player with bookmarks

On Thursday 08 January 2009 16:40:45 Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> >> Anyone know of a media player for F10 that has favorites like
> >> Media Player Classic for windows with position?
> >
> >You have to remember that many of us haven't a clue what Media Player
> > Classic does, so unless you are very specific we have to guess :-) 
> > Meanwhile, amarok can give ratings to tracks and can, I believe, offer a
> > list of recently played tracks.  I think amarok1 could select most-played
> > tracks, which would equate to favourites, but I'm not certain whether
> > this is the version of amarok2 that most distros have yet.
> Anne,
> I want favorites with position, so if you have never used mpc and don't
> know that lingo (sorry) it allows you to pause a video, and make a bookmark
> like in firefox to that video, but also remember its position. Handy for
> stopping a video and returning to it later!
Sounds useful :-)  Maybe a feature request to the Kaffeine team would be in 
order - you'd do that in bugs.kde.org.

> Amarok in F10 is so unstable I can't bear to use it and rythembox doesn't
> do this so I am still searching :(
Ah - I haven't tried Amarok in F10.  It's stable enough on my Mandriva laptop, 
but I'm aware that not all the features are back yet.  I keep seeing reports 
of more features being added to trunk, so they are obviously on the way, but 
we do tend to get impatient :-)  We're like children after the sweeties that 
we love.


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