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RE: Ipod issues

>The iPod should be sent an eject rather than just a umount.  I'd say
>if Dolphin isn't doing that, it's either a bug or user error (since I
>don't know Dolphin, perhaps it's something you need to configure?).
>Hopefully one of the many helpful KDE users/maintainers here can
>clarify this.

I will look into this then.

>I need more info to even guess.  When you say that you can't get
>gtkpod or songbird to see the iPod, do you mean that it is not
>automatically mounted when you plug it in or that it is mounted and
>only these apps cannot access the device?

It gets mounted no problem, but the two apps I listed don't see it
and use it in their respective gui.

>Is it safe to guess that you're using the Fedora package for gtkpod?
>Songbird isn't packaged, and I don't know much at all about it.

Yes, gtkpod is from the base repo, and songbird was off the contrib.
packager page I believe.

>Also, what iPod model is this?

It's a 4 gig nano.
Thanks so much Todd for all the help!

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