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Re: Ipod issues

On Thursday 08 January 2009 18:05:28 Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> >The iPod should be sent an eject rather than just a umount.  I'd say
> >if Dolphin isn't doing that, it's either a bug or user error (since I
> >don't know Dolphin, perhaps it's something you need to configure?).
> >Hopefully one of the many helpful KDE users/maintainers here can
> >clarify this.
> I will look into this then.
I don't have an ipod, but what usually happens is that when any external 
storage device is plugged in you get a popup from the notifier widget in your 
system tray - it only stays there for a few seconds, but you can click on the 
widget to get it back.  There you will see a link to Open with Dolphin.  This 
performs the mount.  I would think that the apps you talk about would require 
it to be mounted.

There are two ways of dealing with the umount - you can either select the ipod 
in the Places panel of dolphin, and right-click on it for Safely Remove, or 
you can use the notifier again.  In the notifier, if you hover over the ipod 
entry you will see an eject symbol at the right-hand side.  Click on that.  
Both methods work the same way.



> >I need more info to even guess.  When you say that you can't get
> >gtkpod or songbird to see the iPod, do you mean that it is not
> >automatically mounted when you plug it in or that it is mounted and
> >only these apps cannot access the device?
> It gets mounted no problem, but the two apps I listed don't see it
> and use it in their respective gui.
> >Is it safe to guess that you're using the Fedora package for gtkpod?
> >Songbird isn't packaged, and I don't know much at all about it.
> Yes, gtkpod is from the base repo, and songbird was off the contrib.
> packager page I believe.
> >Also, what iPod model is this?
> It's a 4 gig nano.
> Thanks so much Todd for all the help!

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