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Video Problems

We have a lot of RedHat and Fedora systems.  We have only  had video problems on one of these systems.

To use get the graphics correctly running on a  console for a Dell Precision  530 with a display of P992, one has  to 
have initial display files  that are specific to the system.  I cannot create an account on the Dell Precision 530 and have the console display work unless the login directory is directly on the 530 with the specific .gconf files for the 530.

I usually  create home directories on one system and have the home directory mounted on a bank of computers so that the user can sit anywhere in the room and log into the  same directory each time.

Say machine A contains our home directories and the 530 is not machine A.  A user sitting at the console of the 530 
with his home directory on machine A and logging in,  gets a mostly black console screen on which no graphics appear.    

I have only had this happen once, but cannot afford to have it happen again.   Are there any combination of Dell stations and monitors that I should avoid.

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