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Re: How do I allow regular user access to ttyUSB0 ?

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 gmail com> wrote:
> It certainly looks great.  KDE needs an application like this.  Is it
> worth posting to bugzilla about it ?

I dont use KDE. I think there was a thread earlier that a KDE native
app for this was going to be in KDE 4.2.  I would not bugzilla this, I
would wait for a KDE SIG member to chime in and give a status update
as to where upstream development stands.

> Its getting really old having to Google to figure out stuff and then
> edit files or issue obscure command line commands, especially when its
> something that you'll only do once in a while, ie you forget before the
> next time you do it.

the cmdline tools are not aimed at the casual user..but there are
sysadmins out there who still deal with multi-users system...or even
kiosks...by remote shell login. I mention the commandline tools
specifically as a shout out for those people.  There is a consistent
tension between the needs of casual users who admin their own machines
and admins who do a lot of shell terminal based system administration.


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