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Re: the ATI proprietary driver and F10

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 12:20 PM, Dave Stevens <geek uniserve com> wrote:
> Mr. Bridgeman (the respondent)  is I think a staff engineer at ATI who works
> on the process of disclosure of ATI card internals for free software
> programmers, so it seems his reply is likely to be authoritative. Fine. But
> how do I drop back to my previous working config?

Do you know what changes the ATI proprietary driver install made to
your system?

Was that done via an rpm package or via an install script?

Do you know what driver you were using before the proprietary ATI
driver install?

Do you have a copy of the Xorg log from a working config before the
ATI driver install to compare to a copy after the ATI driver install?

It's difficult to know what to suggest unless I have an understanding
of what the driver install did to your system. And I have no idea. And
you'll excuse me if I don't rush out and attempt it on my own system
just so I can see what breaks.

system-config-display --reconfig

may help or it may not. Since I don't know what the proprietary
drivers changed. I can't tell you if its going to do anything to fix


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