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Re: 3D graphics acceleration on ATI HD

Ron Siven wrote:
> However, I have no idea when to expect that code to hit the Fedora repos
> if at all.  Can someone help me out and set that expectation for me?

It's still months away. The current code is 1. experimental and 2. 2D-only.
They have a test program for the 3D stuff (low-level 3D primitives, not an
API which can be used by applications, it's just a demo program) and
they're working on implementing OpenGL with the Gallium framework, but
there's no 3D/OpenGL code in the current experimental drivers yet, only
EXA/XRender and Xv.


Don't believe everything you read in online newspapers. Developers talk
about acceleration, the journalists make it "3D acceleration" without even
checking that there's any 3D code at all. Always look at developer blogs
for actual information.

        Kevin Kofler (who is fed up of misleading news articles)

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