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RE: Media Player with bookmarks

>Have you updated it yet? The version in the F10 release is a beta version,
>there's an update to the 2.0.0 release, with 2.0.1 already on the way.

I just gave it another look, but with so much functionality removed tied with
the fact it never was stable for me even in 1.x, I didn't have hope. The first
shoutcast stream I choose it crashed immediately:) Songbird has worked flawless
for me so far, the only thing it lacks is an intelligent way to update changed
tags/files, but this is coming! It's also got an impressive set of features. I
don't think the ipod issue is related to it, as gtkpod also exhibits the same

It's never crashed for me yet, whereas Amarok 1.x/2.x would crash constantly
with shoutcast which is a major issue for me. OTOH, Amarok had an "Update Collection"
which worked very well...


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