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Re: LibUSB/LibFTDI permissions problem

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 12:12 AM, Dmitri Bachtin <damg dev googlemail com> wrote:
> Additionally: after closing the device on execution as root, it gets
> removed and the converter has to be replugged.
That I'm not sure about.  I'll have to try to reproduce that with the
FTDI based usb to serial breakout boards I have on hand.

> Is there anything I'm missing?

As for the permissions... look at configuration PolicyKit to change
the authorizations for serial modems

GUI in Gnome is in the menu: System->Preferences->System->Authorizations

look for the hal device access for serial devices. Change the
authorization as needed by either opening up or granting access to
particular users

Or you can use the polkit-action  and polkit-auth  commandline tools
if you dont want to use the gui.


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