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Re: Access to sub network unreachable.

Simon Slater wrote:
	Hi all,
		I'm sure I have missed something simple (or done something stupid) but
have no idea what so I'll ask anyhow.

	All the computers on our SOHO network had static addresses in the range with netmask of and all worked fine
for ages.  Now I have a Linksys gateway which has a default address of for configuration.  It works fine as a DSL router but I
cannot use a browser to access the configuration.  All I get is "An
error occurred while loading Could not connect to
host."  Pinging returns "Destination Host Unreachable".

	I changed the netmask for the ethx device to but this made
no difference.  What have I forgotten?

This doesn't help as the linksys most probably has netmask of what will help on the other hand is to make eth0:1 interface in which you will give ip-address in network. For example /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfc-eth0:1 could look like this, if you are using NetworkManager there is probably some other way of doing this, but as I use fedora for desktop so little I haven't really checked it out.


And then ifup eth0:1 (if it doesn't work service network restart will for sure.)

Hope this helps,

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