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Re: Access to sub network unreachable.

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Friday 09 January 2009 03:43:11 Simon Slater wrote:
	Hi all,
		I'm sure I have missed something simple (or done something stupid) but
have no idea what so I'll ask anyhow.

	All the computers on our SOHO network had static addresses in the range with netmask of and all worked fine
for ages.  Now I have a Linksys gateway which has a default address of for configuration.  It works fine as a DSL router but I
cannot use a browser to access the configuration.  All I get is "An
error occurred while loading Could not connect to
host."  Pinging returns "Destination Host Unreachable".

	I changed the netmask for the ethx device to but this made
no difference.  What have I forgotten?

This is pretty normal.  Many routers are set to  The simple way
to deal with it is to change the ip of one of your boxes to 192.168.1.x and
use that box to access the router.  Then you will be able to change the router
address to  Reboot.  You must then change your box back to
192.168.0.x  From then on your router can be configured through your normal
browser without problems.


maybe easier is to use the builtin dhcp to configure the router then go back to static as explained here above

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