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RE: F10 -- Failure to create ./resolv.conf.predhclient.eth0

> Finally got some time to install F10 yesterday.  Wiped away a working
> install to do so.  Selected dhcp to get up and running, and all worked
> OK.  After the first reboot, I went back to configure static
addressing on
> eth0.
> The operation failed and I received an SELinux alert that stated:
> "SELinux is preventing mv (dhcp_t) "create" to
> ./resolv.conf.predhclient.eth0 (net_conf_t).
> The SELinux recommendation was to execute:
> restorecon -v './resolv.conf.predhclient.eth0'
> That operation failed with a file not found message.
> A search of the filesystem did not turn up a copy of the
> So...there is no file for mv to use as the source.
> I reconfigured and went back to dhcp, but that fails.  I now have no
> network connectivity with either dhcp or static addressing.
> Any ideas?
> BTW, from first glance, I really like F10.
Update -- I've got networking back.

Not completely sure why, but when I perused the running services last
night I noticed that NetworkManager was running, but the Network service
was not.  I enabled it, started it, rebooted the box, then went in and
configured dhcp through the NetworkManager tool.

Now based on the heated discussion about F10 and NetworkManager, I'm
reluctant to attempt to go back to static addressing (what I use on the
workstations in the lab).

Dave McGuffey
Principal Information System Security Engineer // NSA-IEM, NSA-IAM
SAIC, IISBU, Columbia, MD

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