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Grub and two distros

I think I may have solved the mystery of my wireless problems - I'll report 
back in a few hours when I'm more sure.  Meanwhile, I'm now about to reinstall 
Fedora.  I'd like, if possible, to keep Linpus Lite, as I found that having 
the easy interface on the EeePC was very useful when strangers were curious 
about it.

Linpus appears to be using about 8GB, so I figure that if I shrink its 
partition to 12GB that should be plenty for anything I'll ever need.  I'll 
then do a custom install of Fedora.  I've not done a dual install like this 
before (apart from windows dual-boot).  Can I expect that grub will recognise 
and set up the Linpus installation, or am I likely to have to do some jiggery-
pokery to get things going?  If there are any problems I want to know about 
them before I start :-)


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