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Re: Grub and two distros

Anne Wilson wrote:
I think I may have solved the mystery of my wireless problems - I'll report back in a few hours when I'm more sure. Meanwhile, I'm now about to reinstall Fedora. I'd like, if possible, to keep Linpus Lite, as I found that having the easy interface on the EeePC was very useful when strangers were curious about it.

Linpus appears to be using about 8GB, so I figure that if I shrink its partition to 12GB that should be plenty for anything I'll ever need. I'll then do a custom install of Fedora. I've not done a dual install like this before (apart from windows dual-boot). Can I expect that grub will recognise and set up the Linpus installation, or am I likely to have to do some jiggery- pokery to get things going? If there are any problems I want to know about them before I start :-)


The way I boot my other distros is to install one installation on the MBR for grub and then chainloading the other installations as is common with MS installs. For Fedora, you can select where to install the bootloader in advanced options. Selecting each install to put grub in its boot partition on other than mbr allows all distros to be independent of the other during updates to each distribution. Some install grub in the mbr and chainload all installations from the switchboard type of install. I never tried it that way but it sounds versatile.
As Craig stated the methods used should be available in the list archives.
Jim Cornette
Only through hard work and perseverance can one truly suffer.

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