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Re: Ipod issues

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> It gets mounted no problem, but the two apps I listed don't see it
> and use it in their respective gui.

You can add the iPod in gtkpod using the Repository/iPod Options
dialog from the Edit menu.

> It's a 4 gig nano.

So, the versions of libgpod and gtkpod in Fedora currently don't fully
support those models.  Mostly it works, but there are some issues with
artwork (coverflow in particular I believe).  When adding the iPod,
you'll have to tell it that it's a 3g nano, as the 4g selection isn't
in the menus in the Fedora packages.

If you're game for a little more work, see my post the other day about
updated libgpod and gtkpod packages (but pay particular attention to
the notes about dependencies and support :):


> Thanks so much Todd for all the help!

You're quite welcome.

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