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Re: Netcat on Fedora is a different Netcat

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 2:12 PM, Giuseppe Fuggiano
<giuseppe fuggiano gmail com> wrote:
> Does that netcat version is shipped under BSD license, or still GNU/GPL?

First why do you assume it was GPL before? Can you emphatically state
that the license on the version you are expecting was in fact the GPL?
I can not find reference to the GPL in packaging of other
distributions that I have just checked. OpenSuse and Debian ship a
netcat which is effectively public domain, according to the copyright
notices I have found.

Second, since the Fedora package points you to the upstream source you
have the ability to check the license for yourself quite easily.  I
don't think its GPL by looking at the  c files in the openbsd cvs
system.   I should file a bug about that against the nc package to get
its license tag changed accordingly.


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