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Re: MP3 playback in XMMS

On Thursday 08 January 2009 01:17, Todd Zullinger wrote:
> And why in the world is anyone still using xmms, with it's hideous
> gtk1 widget set and poor utf-8 support?

It's simple to use, with easy user interface --- play, stop, pause, rew, ff, 
shuffle, repeat (and nothing else) on one window.

It Just Works, "yum install xmms xmms-mp3 xmms-flac" and its ready to go.

It is similar to WinAMP, very useful for windows2linux converts.

It doesn't try to scan my entire hard disk to build its own database of my 
music (and piss me off in the 2-hour process), like Amarok.

It looks nice (with the "none" skin), unlike Amarok.

It doesn't try to build itself into system tray, when I close the window it 
closes the program, unlike Amarok.

It doesn't bother me with a name of the song in the middle of the screen on 
every song change, unlike Amarok.

I never required any utf8 support (ASCII seems sufficient for my needs), and I 
don't know what is gtk1 widget set... :-)

Best, :-)

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