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Re: Access to sub network unreachable.

Simon Slater wrote:
> 	Hi all,
> I'm sure I have missed something simple (or done something
> stupid) but have no idea what so I'll ask anyhow.
> 	All the computers on our SOHO network had static addresses in the
> range with netmask of and all worked fine
> for ages.  Now I have a Linksys gateway which has a default address of
> for configuration.  It works fine as a DSL router but I
> cannot use a browser to access the configuration.  All I get is "An
> error occurred while loading Could not connect to
> host."  Pinging returns "Destination Host Unreachable".
> 	I changed the netmask for the ethx device to but this made
> no difference.  What have I forgotten?
> 	Thanks
If I understand what is going on, your default route is probably set
to (Your old router?) so the system is trying to access through a gateway that is no longer there. You can add a
temporary route so you can talk to it.  Something like:

route add -host eth0


route add -net netmask eth0


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