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Re: ntpd sync fails on boot

On Fri, 09 Jan 2009 17:05:42 -0800, Rick Stevens wrote:

> Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
>> On Fri, 09 Jan 2009 23:57:02 +0000, Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
>>> On Fri, 09 Jan 2009 16:38:23 -0700, Craig White wrote:
>> [...]
>>>> as root...
>>>> # fixfiles onboot
>>>> # shutdown now -r
>> [...]
>> fixfiles onreboot is not available on my fixfiles.
> "fixfiles onboot" not "fixfiles onreboot"
>> I did: fixfiles restore
>> and then rebooted.  It cleaned up the log some, but the failure
>> persists.
>> boot messages excerpt:
>> Jan  9 19:12:16 mbrc32 hpiod: 1.7.4a accepting connections at 2208...
>> Jan  9 19:12:17 mbrc32 ntpdate[2220]: sendto(mbrc21): Operation not
>> permitted
> The fact that you can start it once you're logged in really states that
> the network is not running before at boot which is a classic NM thing. I
> know this was discussed earlier in the thread, but are you REALLY sure
> the network is up?
> When you boot up and BEFORE you log into the GUI, can you log in as root
> on a text console (press CTRL-ALT-F2 and log in as root) and do an
> "ifconfig" to verify eth0 is up and has an IP on it?  If not, then as
> the MythBusters would say, "THERE'S your problem!" and you either will
> have to always start ntpd after you log in or abandon NM and go back to
> the older network startup mechanism.  Don't try to use both... they
> don't play nice with each other.
> To go back to the GUI, press ALT-F1.
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I always boot to level 3, and for all these tests,
logged on as root.  (My initial experience with
computers long predates GUI's of any kind; I
consider them a necessary evil.) I tried your
ifconfig suggestion, and eth0 is just fine, (as
are the tap devices for openvpn).  This is not a
surprise, since immediately after boot I can
restart ntpd and get a rapid sync. Of course, I
can't be sure the network is up during the boot when
ntpd tries to sync.  It should be according to the
order of things.  I suppose I could create a fake
demon file in init.d and run ifconfig during the
boot?  What do you think?

I don't know what you mean by "older network startup
mechanism".  Is this something I should try?  In
case this is relevant, I do not start NetworkManager.

[root]# fixfiles onboot
Usage: /sbin/fixfiles [-l logfile ] [-o outputfile ] { check | restore|[-
F] relabel } [[dir] ... ]
Usage: /sbin/fixfiles -R rpmpackage[,rpmpackage...] -C 
PREVIOUS_FILECONTEXT [-l logfile ] [-o outputfile ] { check | restore }

This may be because my FC7 is old.  As suggested in
other posts, it may be time to upgrade.  Still, it
would be interesting to figure out what the problems
is (if it could be done with only moderate effort). 


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