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Re: MP3 playback in XMMS

On Saturday 10 January 2009 02:25, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> > It doesn't try to scan my entire hard disk to build its own database of
> > my music (and piss me off in the 2-hour process), like Amarok.
> This is a feature, you can easily browse all your music that way. And
> nobody asked you to add your entire hard disk to your collection. ;-)

Well, I do happen to have a 250 GB hard disk dedicated to and full of 
multimedia, mostly mp3, flac and some mpeg videos. And building a database of 
all that does take some time, while I fail to see the purpose --- I have it 
already sorted in appropriate directory trees, and I typically just point 
xmms to a directory I wish to listen at a time.

But ok, I do understand that for some people a database might be easier to 

> But you can also use Amarok without building a collection. It's just not
> the way it's primarily designed to be used.

Precisely, that is my point, I dislike such design and find xmms to be a more 
suitable choice. ;-)

> > It looks nice (with the "none" skin), unlike Amarok.
> A pretty subjective statement... IMHO XMMS looks ugly.

Just a moment, this is tricky --- the default Fedora install of xmms 
puts "Bluecurve-xmms" skin as a default, which really *is* quite ugly. But if 
you switch back to "none" skin, it looks pretty slick, for my taste at least.

> > It doesn't try to build itself into system tray, when I close the window
> > it closes the program, unlike Amarok.
> This can be turned off in the preferences (a single checkbox).

A checkbox? A CHECKBOX??!!! You mean I am supposed to ***CLICK*** somewhere??? 
What is this, middle ages??!! It isn't capable of just reading my mind on how 
I want it configured?? Preposterous!!!


Seriously, of course I guess it can be configured to behave in whichever way 
one wants. But xmms has default configuration already to my preference, and 
the only thing I need to change is that stupid skin. Amarok would take some 
more work to set up the same way, I guess several checkboxes. :-) But I just 
don't bother to even learn where they are, xmms is enough for me.

Each to his own. ;-)

> > It doesn't bother me with a name of the song in the middle of the screen
> > on every song change, unlike Amarok.
> This too (it's called OSD and it's also a single checkbox to untick).

Ohh, yet another checkbox... :-)

> > and I don't know what is gtk1 widget set... :-)
> The obsolete widget set which gives XMMS its outdated ugly look. :-)

This is related to my skin remark above. Basically, the "none" skin is (afaik) 
original xmms artwork, and is not related to any particular widget set. And 
it looks pretty, for my taste. But I agree that the default bluecurve skin is 
*really* ugly. ;-)

Best, :-)

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