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Re: MP3 playback in XMMS

Chris Jones wrote:

Nothing from multiverse is on the shipped CDs, nor is it enabled by
default.  It's exactly the same as rpmfusion, etc..  You have to add it
to sources.list yourself.

Indeed. All ubuntu does beyond Fedora is make it a little easier for the user to add these additional repos if they choose to do so, by acknowledging they exist and having a few tools to aid the user in adding them if they wish to. Fedora on the other hand completely ignores the additional repos and it is up to the user to find out about them themselves. The default installation of ubuntu is as open and GPL as Fedora is, IMHO (YMMV).


Canonical is legally based in Isle of Man, which is among other things, a tax haven and has more liberal legal constraints compared to US based organization.

Fedora legally is simply isn't allowed to include or point to patent encumbered software. Fedora is simply doing what is considered legally safe. You should read


Also Ubuntu, even in their default installation don't have the same licensing criteria as Fedora does, in part due to the legal constraints mentioned above.


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