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Desktop Background Enhancements in F10

I'm looking for documentation on how to set up my desktop background in
F10 to change automatically, usually based on the time of day, but
possibly under other conditions as well. I know this has to be possible
to do, but can't find anything on it anywhere.

I use Digital Blasphemy (http://digitalblasphemy.com) for most of my
backgrounds, and many of the images include both day and night versions.
I'd like (obviously) to be able to automatically display the day
versions during the day, and the night versions at night. Can someone
point me in the right direction on how to do that?

Also, does anyone know if there going to be support anytime soon for
animated desktop backgrounds? With all of the other Compiz "eye candy"
available, it would seem to me this wouldn't be all that tough to add.



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