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Re: MP3 playback in XMMS

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 1:19 PM, Michael Schwendt <mschwendt gmail com> wrote:
On Sat, 10 Jan 2009 11:56:43 -0200, Paulo wrote:

> > > Version 1.4.5 is kind of old.
> > >
> > > The current version  is: *1.5.1* (released May 23, 2008).
> >
> > $ rpm -q audacious
> > audacious-1.5.1-5.fc10.i386
> >
> > Also take a look at the package changelog.
> >
> Do you mean
> * Thu Nov 27 2008 Ralf Ertzinger 1.5.1-5
> - Disable SSE2

No. I only pointed out that 1.5.1 is available for a sufficiently recent
release of Fedora. The package changelog often [albeit not always] reveals
details about when version upgrades have been prepared and whether there
have been any problems (which required more testing as well as patches or
upstream-fixes prior to publishing Fedora packages).

I know F10 has audacious 1.5.1. What I do not see are the non-free plugins for it.
I only found audacious-plugins-freeworld  1.4.5

> I am on F8.

Well, in my opinion it is a false expectation to use an aging distribution
release and hope to get always the very latest applications as updates.
Audacious in some releases has had API/ABI changes, too. Packagers need to
be careful with such changes after the release of a distribution.

I am running F10 on another computer I use when I do not need video performance.
Unfortunately, F10 still has some nasty video issues for my hardware (a brand new Intel mobo).


Anyway, shouldn't be of much concern to you if you prefer XMMS. ;)

On the contrary. Depending on the occasion I change the player.
If I want to play music for hours, I use rhythmbox with shuffle on.
xmms is nice for playing just a single CD, or some mp3 files someone has just given me.
Furthermore, audacious also has to be patched for playing mid files, another thing I need.
If I remember well, an audacious developer showed me the fix during an irc session.

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti

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