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Re: My first (bottom) panel doesn't keep its width and the icons move around. (F10, KDE4.1.x)

Linuxguy123 wrote:

> How do I fix this ?
I fiddled with it for days a few weeks ago, but gave up. The icons got all mixed up and the size kept changing larger than I wanted, on both panels. Also, the colour is sometimes turquoise, usually black, and there is nothing I can do about it to get it back to turquoise. I am hoping that it will be fixed down the road, hopefully for the 4.2 release. Also, the weather plasmoid has no data sources, so is unusable (it was reported a while back that this has been fixed upstream for 4.2). Also, it is not possible to use desktop effects with Intel graphics for more than about 20 minutes at a time, as it corrupts the system (I have reported this bug, but there has been *NO* work on this to date, aside from a request that I report the number of the same bug I reported to bugzilla). This latter, however, could be an Intel driver problem, maybe relating to GEM, which is scheduled to be released in kernel-2.6.29 (but we haven't even gotten 2.6.28 yet, which was released for Christmas!!
 ). And festival won't work (reported the bug to bugzilla, but no action for months), so kttsd won't work. And hotkeys/input actions doesn't recognize many of the multimedia keys, and the ones it *does* recognize won't do anything.

It seems that there are still a number of issues in separate projects that need to come together before everything works.

I *really* like this new KDE.

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