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encrypted f10 install - changed after using livecd - a question?

I have a laptop that had a clean F10 install with encrypted swap, /,
and /opt partitions and all three with the same luks passphrase.

Until today it only asked me for a single passphrase during boot to
unlock all three partitions.

Earlier today I ran the F10 livecd as a demonstration on this machine,
and ran various programs including allowing it to "install" flash
plugin for Firefox. I had presumed this would not affect the hard
drive and that it should boot from HD as before once the CD was out
and the machine restarted.

However when I shut the machine down from running the livecd and
rebooted to the normal encrypted system it asked me for the passphrase
4 times during boot!

This is a real irritation and I don't know what running the livecd did
to make this happen?  Can anyone tell me how to get the system to
revert to its previous behaviour of asking only once for the luks
passphrase during boot?

Thanks in advance.
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