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Re: Evolution still asks for all my mail passwords in KDE. It works fine, however, in gnome.

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> The first time I start Evolution in a new login session (under KDE) I
> have to remember to kill the gnome-key daemon or Evo will ask for
> every password. After that first time, a new gnome-key is spawned and
> subsequent runs of Evo don't have the problem (until I log out and in
> again). Evo asks for my keyring password the first time only.

gnome-keyring tries to unlock the keyring using your login password first.
This doesn't work for you for some reason. So you have to kill it, then
it'll prompt for it again.

One solution for this is to rpm -e gnome-keyring-pam.

> This is a PITA. There's no reason I can see that Gnome and KDE have to
> use two different keyring (or wallet) systems which appear not to talk
> to each other.

Well, KDE developers want to solve this somehow, but this is a nontrivial
problem. Also because gnome-keyring's "D-Bus interface" is a single
function call which returns a socket ID, then you send all binary data in a
proprietary format over that socket.

        Kevin Kofler

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