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Slightly OT: Restoring capability to boot.

I had a disk with Fedora installed with a few partitions. I had a
little sda1 partition for boot directory.
I needed to install Windows 2003 to make some tests and as one of the
partitions was big enoough, I resized and created a ntfs partition on
the unpartitioned disk space.

When installing Windows 2003, its installer told me that it needed a
windows partition at the beginning of the disk. So, I deleted the
first little partition and let the Windows installer use it.
(Previously I made a backup of boot dir)

Then I needed to reinstall Windows 2003, I did so, but this time,
installer it seemed not to use the C drive (first little partition) at

I made a backup of that partition with selfimage
(http://selfimage.excelcia.org/) and saved into D drive (the big NTFS

I wanted to restore boot on sda1 (C drive on Windows), so I used a
LiveCD to copy boot files to sda1 (previously I reformatted to ext3),
and tried to install grub, using chroot, but it output something like
"Not found or not a block device"

And I could not boot on Windows 2003 either.

Can I restore that partition from Linux using some tool like dd? I'd
lke to boot again on Windows 2003. I don't understand why windows is
needing that partition... or better how to restore grub? and will be
grub capable to load Windows 2003 too?

Thanks in advance!!!

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