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Re: Just to increase the state of confusion.

---- Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote: 
> Steve wrote:
> > There is no bug; it's just that the backup location has moved as a result
> > of the change in fstab so BackupPC cannot create the hard links it needs
> > because the location it is looking for no longer exists.. My external USB
> > drive used to be mounted as /media/disk but now it is /media/disk-1.
> That's why relying on automated mounts for fixed partitions sucks, it's
> what /etc/fstab is for. You have to add your partition to fstab by hand,
> otherwise it gets mounted by HAL (and chances are that always was the case
> if it used to be /media/disk), not added to fstab.

I did have my Windows partition in fstab but something overwrote it and deleted my manual entry. I had the Windows partition mounted as /mnt/c_drive and let the automounter handle the USB drive which it put at /media/disk. now the Windows partition gets mounted at /media/disk and the USB drive got bumped to /media/disk-1.

Can I simply add my Windows mount point back into fstab? Is this the "correct" way to do it and whats to stop the something overwriting fstab again?


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