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Re: fedora10 on my notebook halt

You can connect via ssh?

I'm having a similar problem, when graphical effects is enable ( in kde )

are you using kde or gnome?


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iarly selbir ( ski0s )

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 4:13 AM, 黄伟亮 <weller huang hotmail com> wrote:
hi all:
i have a qusetion:
i install fedora10 on my notebook(gateway mtxxxx,i forget the model,sorry).
it is strange.
when i start it,ans use about 10 minutes , the system is down(dead)
 some time mouse can move.but system no response.

and i found :when i de-compress a file in /opt/ dir. notebook dead.


i use fedora6 before.and it is ok expect i need change sounf driver.

don not tell me the ddr's speed is too high.

windows and fedora 6 is ok.
 may be vedio card driver. but my notebook is ATI integrate vedio card.
 and it is said fc10 is support ATI good.

i so sad.because i can not find the way to solve the issue.
it is not like the sound card issue.

so is there some one can help me?
i can not belive the HW of my notebook is so bad for fedora.

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