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Re: FC9 to FC10

Marco La Cognata wrote:
> Dear all
> I have installed FC9 few months before the release of FC10 on my
> laptop and everything is working fine. Now I am wondering if I should
> upgrade my system to FC10... I am afraid that I have to start again to
> fix several problems and install again all the programs that are
> already working on my laptop. What is your experience? Do you think it
> is worth to switch to FC10 from FC9? Will I need to set everything
> again (like root, skype, wifi and so on)?
> Regards
You may want to look at preupgrade. It will preserve your installed
programs, and most of the "tweeks" to the system. Without knowing
what problems you had to fix with F9, I do not know if you will have
the same problems with F10. I upgraded my laptop to F10 from F9 this


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