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Re: FC9 to FC10

Marco La Cognata wrote:
> I had some problems (with the installation of the intel compilers and
> with some scientific libraries) but the most annoying ones were those
> connected with the wifi and with the soundcard (and skype). How to
> perform the preupgrade? from FC10 upgrade DVD? what improvements would
> come from the upgrade?
> Thank you in advance
Preupgrade is a program that you download and run from your F9

yum install preupgrade

and then


This will bring up a GUI that will guide you through the upgrade.
You do not need to download the DVD as long as you have a fairly
fast Internet connection.

As far as what improvements, you should probably read the release
notes for F10.

One final note - you should read the list guidelines at:


Top posting is not really a good idea. Also, you may want to choose
better subject lines - something like "Questions about upgrading
from F9 to F10" would probably produce better results in most cases.


A:  Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q:  Why is top-posting a bad thing?

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