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Wifi indicator LED (was Re: Netbook wifi, wlan0 and inet6 address (F10) )

On Monday 12 January 2009 13:09:47 Anne Wilson wrote:
> When I re-installed Linpus I found that the wireless wasn't working there
> either.  Then I remembered that originally, when wireless was enabled,
> there was a tiny light (less than 1mm diameter), and that I couldn't see
> it.  There is a toggle-switch there for the wireless.  I moved it several
> times, then suddenly the light came on.
> How it happened, I've no idea, but it looks as though the switch was
> accidentally knocked off, and wasn't re-enabling.
> I now have 4 bars (85% signal) wireless connection, and I'm a happy bunny -
> but the tiny indicator light is not on, so there would be no warning if
> something went wrong.  The connection would just be lost, without me
> suspecting the switch.  I believe that's what happened before.
> Thanks to all who tried to help. Without that return to factory defaults we
> would never have guessed what the problem was.

Does anyone know how to get the wifi indicator working on the Acer Aspire One?  
I've done a lot lof work with the wifi today, then suddenly, an hour or so 
ago, I saw the signal bars drop from 4 to 1.  Then I lost the connection.

Nothing has changed, in terms of location or additional equipment in the room, 
and attempting to re-start the connection tells me that it has been 
disconnected.  I've tried fiddling with that switch again, but there is no way 
of knowing whether it is active or not.


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