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Re: FC9 for a ASUS Eee 700

Alan Evans wrote:
On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Robert Moskowitz <rgm htt-consult com> wrote:
Is FC9 the way to go, or should I take the dive with FC10?  What are others
running on their Eee?

I installed F10 (actually, the Omega spin) on my 900A and I'm
extremely pleased. I did a few customizations, such as mounting /tmp
in RAM. But overall it just worked.

How? Instructions please? Of course I need more memory for that...

I think your RAM is a bit tight, so you might want to replace that. I
ordered a 2GB SODIMM to replace the 1GB that came with my Eee. (In
fact, that means that I'm about to have a spare 1GB stick, if your

I went with no swap at all. The thing boots fast enough that I'm not
really interested in hibernation.

I might have a lot open, and want the option of picking up where I left off. Like I had to use the facilities on the plane, and don't want to run the battery down... (or even while eating a meal on a transatlantic).

What did you do for /var/log?

Any other (like /var/run, but that looks 'complicated')?

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