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Final - Upgrade Has Caused A Downgrade!

This is my final status.

I downloaded and burned a copy of Fedora 9 Unity Re-Spin and had the same type of failures, but here's what I learned:
  1. I like to and always define individual volume groups for my file systems and for this system I had created the following under Fedora 8, osvg00 (contains /(root), /usr, /home, etc.); datavg00 (for my 'sharable' data), etc. With all of the releases up to Fedora 9 I never had a problem doing this during the install. By doing multiple install attempts using Fedora 9 x86_64, I noticed that when I got lazy and didn't define the LV for any file system other than the OS required, it proceeded all the way to what appeared to be the final packages.
  2. Fedora 9 i386 installed completely even with all the custom file systems defined (just for install testing only)
  3. Fedora 9 x86_64 installed as long as I allowed the default file system structure to be in effect.

My final solution was to do a fully customized install of Fedora 10 x86_64, which included Oracle 11gR1 database, a customized Apache, Eclipse, Joomla, and Tomcat.  All went perfectly without a hitch or issue. Also, looking back on some old notes, I noticed that I had not done anything but a upgrade since I had to do a full install when I converted to SATA disk drives. This was the first real upgrade in 2+ years!

So thanks to all who gave advice and direction!  For documentation I used a combination of the ISPConfig 'The Perfect Server' and 'Fedora 10 - Personal Installation Guide' from www.mjmwired.net and last but not least, 'Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1) Installation on Fedora 10 (F10)' from www.oracle-base.com.


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