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Re: FC9 for a ASUS Eee 700

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
Jim wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
I jsuyt purchased a mildly used ASUS Eee 700 (something, seller was not explicit) from ebay.

Has a 4Gb SSD and 512Mb ram. Also an SD slot. It is coming with some Linux (assume Ubuntu?), but want something I am more used to. I would have gone with Centos, but could never get my SD slot on my HP nc4010 working.

So I figured I want a little stablity so I would go with FC9 (really 9.5) and I should get enough to fit on that 4Gb drive (2Mb swap for hibernation to swap). And I should be able to get virtual windowing to work so I have a large enough desktop for most things I will be doing.

Is FC9 the way to go, or should I take the dive with FC10? What are others running on their Eee?

I have a 700 with 8gb SSd and it's going to be tight to get anything on it .
I have FC10 and all hardware has drivers for it in FC10. Easy install.
I would suggest you allocate 3gb to / and 1gb to /home , to get a deceit install .
With only 4Gb, I was considering putting it all in one partition, and not risk a miscalc. Then put most of my work on an SD card. Do larger SD cards use more power? 8Gb are out, so I could have almost nothing in /home, and put almost everything on the SD card.

Using SD cards, for something like that is all fully awkward, I would go ahead and try all on one partition first and see how you would like it, you really need a /home directory to properly function.

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