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Re: Any good X-Window client free download?

(David) Ming Xia wrote:
> Hi, Markku.
>   Sorry for the confusion.  I have X-server on Fedora, and I want to
> install an X terminal emulation client on my laptop to connect to
> that X-server.  I want to login to the Fedora server from my laptop
> and enter 'xclock' and get the clock image loaded up on my laptop. 
>   The Cywin/X should contain both server and client part.  I just need
> client part.  I will take a look to see if it works or not.
>  Thank you very much.
> David
 I think the problem here is that what you are calling an X client
is actually an X server. Xclock is an X client. The X server is the
program that takes mouse and keyboard input, (And sometimes other
inputs.) processes them, and passes along the processed information
to the client program. The client program sends information to the X
server that it processes and turns into text/graphic output on the

What makes understanding the X server/client relationship is that
the server is running on the local machine, and the clients may be
operating on the local, or a remote machine.

This is different from servers like an ftp or web server where the
client is on the local machine, and the server is on the remote machine.


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