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Re: netbook jonesing

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 19:59:47 -0700
Craig White wrote:

> All this talk about Acer Aspire and EEPro makes me want one. Is one
> better than another? Is the only difference in the Acer Aspires whether
> it comes with 8GB SSHD, 120 GB HD or 160 GB HD?  Too many models that
> seem about the same.

When I got my Acer Aspire One, I intended to use it for reading ebooks (with
FBReader, which is a wonderful program for that purpose) and to use it as a
portable test machine.  I do some occasional work for a cable tv/Internet (and
now telephone) company and since I got this one I wonder how I managed without
it.  When it's nice out I keep a lot of my tools and whatnot in a
travelling-salesman sample case and walk to the destination if it's not
too far away, so a nice small netbook is just the thing to tuck into one of the
compartments in my case.  If it's further away or snowing or something, then I
still just have one case to load into my truck when I'm off to one of those

It's also an ideal unit to sit back and read or browse the net if I don't want
to sit in front of my computer desk.  I've also started keeping some install
images on it, and I can use it for a nfs server if I'm onsite elsewhere.

Mine is the 1gb ram/160gb hd model, on sale at Staples a little while back.   It
came with Windows XP on it.  I booted that up once to be sure that the
hardware worked, then reformatted it and installed Fedora 10.  I used a 1gb USB
flash drive to write a Fedora Live CD onto, then booted from that and told it to
install. After that everything pretty much just worked.

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