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Re: netbook jonesing

On Tuesday 13 January 2009 02:59:47 Craig White wrote:
> All this talk about Acer Aspire and EEPro makes me want one. Is one
> better than another? Is the only difference in the Acer Aspires whether
> it comes with 8GB SSHD, 120 GB HD or 160 GB HD?  Too many models that
> seem about the same.
> How does one install Linux on these puppies? USB Disk? Netboot?
> Enquiring mind wants to know.
I used a usb DVD drive to install.  Yes, the main differences on the AA1 are 
in storage.  With the flash drive version you use one of the SD slots to 
increase your storage - and it stays beautifully light at under 1kg.  Putting 
a hdd drive in takes it up to about 1.3kg - still a fraction of the weight of 
a normal laptop.

I bought an EeePC 701 a year ago.  The reason I went for the AA1 rather than 
another EeePC was that the keyboard is better.  I understand that the latest 
EeePCs have a larger keyboard, but then you are talking many more $s.  The 
original had a 7" screen, which is cramped but workable, but it was the 
keyboard that was the biggest problem for me.  It's very cramped.

Fedora will run just fine on either brand.



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