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Re: Wifi indicator LED (was Re: Netbook wifi, wlan0 and inet6 address (F10) )

On Monday 12 January 2009 18:56:34 Anne Wilson wrote:
> Does anyone know how to get the wifi indicator working on the Acer Aspire
> One?   I've done a lot lof work with the wifi today, then suddenly, an hour
> or so ago, I saw the signal bars drop from 4 to 1.  Then I lost the
> connection.
> Nothing has changed, in terms of location or additional equipment in the
> room, and attempting to re-start the connection tells me that it has been
> disconnected.  I've tried fiddling with that switch again, but there is no
> way of knowing whether it is active or not.

<sigh> I hate mysteries.  This morning the netbook connected to the wireless 
router at bootup.  I've still no idea what went wrong yesterday, or why I 
couldn't scan for a connection.  It's as though something turns wifi off and 
it can't be turned back one.

Personally I think it's another form of rsibreak :-)


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